Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Buttercup lamb

Buttercup. She's a scrappy little gal. She was really sick a few months ago. Not anymore. She's growing like a weed and fat as a pig. And she will not back down when it comes to her breakfast! She will fight for it. And she's usually got her own pan. If someone bigger comes around, she will stand her ground to the end. She's a fighter. I like that. She'll be a good ewe and hopefully a great mother some day.

Some pretty fall leaves I was playing around with the other day. I just love fall.

My favorite fall book is by Leo Bascaglia called The Fall of Freddie The Leaf. You have to find this book and read it. It'll change the way you see leaves. Beautifully written book. I love that love that man.

It's been really warm here. I can't seem to get cool enough. I have turned my AC back on to around 70 just to get cold. I am really tired of sweating! Are we even going to have a cool fall? Or a cold winter? I don't know. The way it looks right now, I doubt it.


Betty Ann said...

You make me smile. Thank you

Kris said...

Aw, thank you, Betty Ann. That makes me feel good.