Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Insect invasion!

The past week has been crazy. When I spilled the 5 gallon bucket of honey in the back of my Trooper and on the driveway, we have nothing but bees and wasps out there for days, cleaning it all up for me. Which I am very happy they are doing this. BUT, there are Yellow Jackets too. And they are in my Trooper. Like I think I have them all out and I'm driving down the road, and here comes a bee flying up in my face! I think they may be making a hive underneath the back of the car. As soon as I drove in to the driveway and got out this afternoon, there they all were again. I don't know how long it will take them to clean up all this honey, but until then, we have to be really careful where we step. I am not in the least afraid of the honey bees. It's the wasps I don't like.

And NOW, if the bees and wasps weren't enough, the LADYBUGS are back! Whoopee! Ladybugs. All over the house, inside and out. And they STINK! And these are not the good kind of lady bugs. Nope. These are annoying, in your face insects. They get in the clothes, the furniture, all over the place. And on me.

So where is a nice hard killing freeze when ya need one?

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Betty Ann said...

Yikes!! I guess I will wish you a nice hard killing freeze up there in your neck of the woods as long as it doesn't freeze down here! We still have oodles of peppers and eggplants and the fall tomatoes are yet to ripen!