Saturday, October 26, 2013

Drying up

I just realized, that when Penelope dries up, it'll be 5 months without goat milk! 5 MONTHS! Ugh! It's never been that long before. I am already hyperventilating here just thinking about it. I really screwed up last year when I bred the goats in September. What an idiot! Penelope kidded Feb. 3rd. So she's been in milk nearly 10 months already, which is what I usually milk a goat for. I am going to keep milking her as long as she has milk in those udders!

I'll go get John Henry next week for breeding. I'll have to use him on Sandy too. I don't want to get a Boer buck this late in the season. So we will just have a bunch of little elf eared cuties next spring. That's ok if they are all boys. Which we are due for a boy year.

But no goat milk for that long???


Kristin said...

Oh, that's a long time without fresh milk. How in the world did you get them bred in Sept? My girls have only been going into heat for the last 3 weeks or so. I wanted some of them bred early so I could sell some of these bucks!

Production is plummeting around here too. I'm down to just over a gallon a day - from 6 goats. Hardly seems worth it. I'm going to drop the evening milking when we lose daylight savings, but for now, I need that 1/2 gal for the freezer.

Kris said...

I don't know, but as soon as I put Penelope in with the buck, he must of gotten her. And Abby too, because they both had kids on the same day at the same time in the same stall! Feb. 3rd. And the other doe I had that I sold, she had her kids in Jan. She was Lamancha bred to a Boer. But then Sandy, who was bred to a Boer, didn't have hers til late May. She's always the last to kid here. And already dried up. I am going to get John Henry later today.

Betty Ann said...

Oh I am twitching for you just thinking about no goat milk. Hubby and I depend on Kristin for milk. Sure hope we don't run out! Hoping she has staggered her breeding well. She has a family of 4 so Grandma and Grandpa come last. :(

Kris said...

And of course that's all I want to drink now. Milk. Ugh!