Saturday, October 19, 2013

Squirrel hunters

 Lately, I have been seeing a LOT of squirrels around here. I mean a LOT of them. In my yard too! They are stealing all the pecans. I don't like squirrels.

So this morning, there were a few out in the chicken yard. I let Bubba and Stella go chase them. They went up this tree. I thought the dogs were going up after them! They won't go in the yard where the dogs are now. And the dogs can't get into most of the fenced areas. The squirrels know this.

They also know the cats won't mess with them. This is why. I have 5 more of these lazy animals too.


Betty Ann said...

I love the new fall wallpaper you added to your blog!!

Kris said...

It is a bit fallish. Thank you!