Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oreo cookies

Husband just called. He said a friend of his had called him and told him he'd heard something about how an Oreo cookie will make you feel good. It has the same effect as opium on the brain. Something like that anyway. He said I need to get a pack of Oreo cookies and when I'm feeling mad or depressed or down, eat a few.  Sounds good to me! I don't need to be told twice to eat an Oreo cookie! So while I'm out today, I'm going to pick up a few packs of them.

 I'll give some to Mrs. T. Maybe that'll make her feel a little happier. Maybe give her a reason to live a little longer.

Then when I'm in a line, waiting, and see everyone getting annoyed at having to wait, I'll pass around Oreo cookies. See what happens.

 Maybe while in a traffic jam, get out and pass out Oreo cookies to all the other drivers. See what happens.

This could be the answer to world peace. I could go to Washington. Pass out Oreo cookies to all the Senators and congressmen and Representatives as they are going in to solve the world's problems. See what happens.

This could go on and on. There are so many possibilities here.

Now the only problem will be if they run out of Oreo cookies. Or milk.

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