Monday, October 14, 2013

Carding wool. And some other stuff.

I love this picture of Misha. I wish I could have taken more time with it and gotten a better shot. But taking pictures of moving animals is not easy. He is so gorgeous. He wouldn't come eat without his brother. Sugar Baby was way out at the fence. So I waited til they were both at the feeder to give them their feed. I've been a little worried about Misha, since he was gelded 1 1/2 weeks ago. His right side is still swollen. So the past 2 days, he's let me lift his tail to spray it. He still kicks but doesn't try to get away.

Here is my first attempt at carding Lucinda's wool after washing yesterday. It's really fine and so soft. But this could take a long time! I brought the rest of the damp wool in and put it in the side porch to finish drying. And I still have half a pillow case full to wash. Plus the table is full of drying wool. And this box is half full. I'm going to check on electric carders to see if that would be something I can afford to get. I know I am going to be getting a portable spinning wheel.

This morning's picture of the garden. The kale and collards are growing good now. That brown row to the far right is the onions I planted Sat. Sweet and multiplying.  I water with my well water and had it on Sat evening to water the garden.  If I go inside, I forget it's on. And I did. It was on all night. But it's a well, so there's not that much water in it. It was completely out of water for a few days. And that's what I use to water the animals. But this morning, it was filled back up. I need to write me a note from now on!

Saturday, before mowing down most of the garden, I picked all the peppers. I cut up all the bell peppers and put them in the freezer. I love the colors. And the red ones are SO good!

Then with the jalapeno peppers, I made jelly. It was interesting, to say the least. I have had pepper jelly that a friend makes and I love it! She makes mild and hot. I like the mild. It still has a little kick to it. Just right for me. So I found a recipe and got everything together. I used gloves of course. But hate gloves. I can't feel anything and it makes it hard for me. Anyway, I could hardly breathe while I was cutting and blending the peppers. Then cooking them! And I got exactly 5 jars full. Isn't this pretty? I'll wait awhile to try it. But I did lick the spoon, on accident! I always do that to taste the jelly. I'll have to remember NOT to do that when making hot pepper jelly!


Betty Ann said...

I love hot pepper jelly!! Kristin and I have made it before. We eat it on mild cheeses, like cream cheese or Swiss. Our peppers are still madly producing so maybe we will have to put up a batch of jelly and try it with her newfound talent of cheese making!! I do recall that even if we are very careful with the acid/sugar/pectin measurements it can still take several weeks to jell.

An At Home Daughter said...

You sound like you need a hose timer.

I just picked a flat full of habanero peppers today, and can't decide what to make with them. HOT sauce, some boil your mouth off salsa for my brother (he thinks the hotter the better), or if I should make pepper jelly.

I priced drum carders several years ago, and nearly fell out of my chair. So I am stuck scratching my wrists up with hand carders. Not that I have carded anything in quite a while. You might want to keep an eye on Craigslist. I have seen people sell off there spinning stuff at pretty good deals before.

Wow, you should have a lot of kale, and collard. Yum.

steakandeggs said...

Years ago we use to let the water troughs for the livestock run over. Run into the house for something and forget it. Then when we remembered the water would be running down the pasture. Now I use a kitchen timer. Turn it on as soon as I come in the house. I got mine at Wal-mart for about 3 or 4 dollars. They go up to 60 minutes and work great for the garden too.