Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zarah, Lucille and Mabeline

I just sold all 3 of them to the nicest, sweetest big family ever! I've been emailing them and they came up tonight from Calhoun, Ga. In a big huge white van. With 6 of the cutest little kids, all under 7. So sweet! And very polite and just so cute.

I got all the goats and kids in the little holding area. And all the 2 legged kids and mom and dad were in there too. The Zeeboo just laid right into poor little Anderson and knocked him down. Poor little kid. He was wearing an orange shirt. He was ok and I got the mean goat out of there real fast. And all the kids kept asking if they were going to get the mean goat.

So they loaded them all up in the big van. The 2 legged kids were so excited. These goats are huge compared to their little tiny Nigerian goat kids. They might be breeding for mini Manchas.  Just thought of that.

I always hate to sell my goats. I want them to go to homes just like this. But sometimes they don't. So I am very happy about this sale. I feel real good about it. My dream sale for sure!

And this is more money to put into my new adventure, the fiber studio! Getting started tomorrow. I bought sheet rock mud and tape for the ceiling. Then while it dries, I'll get paint. I am thinking a nice calm soothing blue for the walls? I am a sucker for green and have it all over my house. But I am really liking blue right now. So it may be a blue room. Then the bathroom might be green.

So, I am on the way to a fiber studio-shop! And Zarah, Lucy and Mabel are on the way to their new home. With a bunch of great kids. So fun!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you post lots of before and after, work in progress photos of your studio for us to enjoy (while you do all the work :)