Monday, May 5, 2014

My mornings...

For the past month, I've been getting up at 6 am and milking goats. I have 4 of my own. Then I go down the road to New Dawn Farm and milk 2 of their does. But that will be changing today because I brought one home this morning and the other will come tonight. Their kids are 2 1/2 months old and are really doing a number on their poor udders.

I park down the hill and walk up to the gate. I love this old house. My friend's family owns all this land here. This was her grand parent's home place.

The does are usually waiting here at the chicken coop where we milk at the top. Jessie is first. She has horns and she knows how to use them!

Then it's Ada's turn. Then we go up the hill some more to let the kids out of the little shelter stall. They are always excited to see their mommas! Some mornings I have a few helpers, but mostly just Jennie. This particular morning, we had to spray kid heads, where they'd been a little rough with the head butting and their heads were quite nasty.

Then it's back home to bottle feed the 3 lambs with the warm milk I just got from these goats.

                                                           And feed the hungry masses!

Then it's inside to fix breakfast for me and the husband. Then do it all over again the end of the day. It's a never ending cycle, here on the farm. I did get to finally make some feta yesterday, because I'm going to once a day bottles for the lambs! Yay! Still feeding the doe kid 3 times a day though, but she just gets a baby bottle still. I hope to be selling most of the kids. I'll be keeping 4 doe kids this year. I'll probably take them to New Dawn Farm when they are ready to wean. They have a summer camp full of kids that love the baby goats. They'll be just weaned when camp starts. Then all the kids will be down there and I'll have all the mommas here. Making lots of cheese I hope!

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Betty Ann said...

Oh, don't we all know get up, do chores, smell some roses, sleep, get up, repeat!! Rewarding though, isn't it?? It is our passion. Gets us up in the morning. :)