Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bees are back at Outback Farm!

Monday, my mom and I drove up to Arnold Apiary in Knoxville to get my bees. I had ordered 2 packages of Italian honeybees back in Jan. He said I could come up and get them Monday. I called and left a message on the way. He didn't call til we were almost there. He said he didn't have any packages ready. But that I could have 2 nucs instead. I said I'd take them.

I was using my husband's GPS. She was taking us to this big subdivision. Then said we were at our destination. There were houses everywhere. I mean close together houses. Then I saw 1 little bee hive in the front yard. So we got out to see if we were at the right place. We were. I saw a whole garage full of bee hives and wood for frames and more hives. Then Mr. Arnold came out. I said this was not what I expected at all. He took us around to his back yard. And there were all the bee hives, all lined up in rows. So we were at the right place.

I got my 2 nucs and came home. There were a few escapees on the way but they stayed in the back. Got home and took the heavier nuc to the garden. And the other lighter one out back. Glad I did it this way. A bee keeper friend was going to come Tuesday to help take the frames out and make sure all was well and the queens were in and working. He said to go ahead and open the little tiny doors in front. I did and bees poured out! It was amazing to see them all. Like clowns falling out of a little VW beetle. Cool.

So this is the garden hive. It was the heavier box. When Gary came to help get them out, we saw that the queen was small and young. No eggs in there yet. He said to check this hive in a week to see if there is anything going on. If not, call the apiary and get him to send a new queen. They just don't seem to be near as active as the outback hive on the hill. They stay pretty much in the hive.

This is the view from the garden hive. Lots of clover and dandelion flowers. And Pigeon Mt.

I open the top to check on them. You can see, they are in there.

This is the hive out back in the goat yard. Way back at the top of the hill. When we looked at this hive, the queen was huge and working at laying eggs! He also said these are a mix of Italians and Cerulian bees, He said that's a good thing! These were way more active. They went flying when we opened the nuc. I can see them flying around from the house, that's how many there are up there. So this hive should be a really good one.

If you enlarge this pic, you can see the queen. And you can see the difference in the 2 bees.

And some of the flowers in my "bee garden". I have lots of blue and purple flowers for the bees to enjoy. I love this garden. It's in the side yard, surrounded by 12 blueberry bushes. I have another bee garden in the garden up front.

I am SO happy to have bees again. I missed them so much. I feel better having them here.


Kristin said...

Congrats! I hope you have great success with them.

Kris said...

Oh me too! The garden hive is still not doing much. But it's COLD here! The outback hive is doing great and bees are flying all over the place. The sun's out now so hopefully will warm it up.

Will you be getting more bees?