Saturday, May 31, 2014

1st set-back

I went over to the little house to paint the ceiling. And it looks like I'm going to have to scrape off all that popcorn crap. I cannot even paint over it. It falls right off. And if I don't scrape it off and leave it like it is, it'll bug me forever! I'll be constantly looking up, wishing I'd done it. So, I'm gonna do it. I had painted a little bit in the kitchen and it kept rolling off on the roller. So it comes off easy. I took the plastic scraper and got off a nice piece. The sheet rock looks great, for sheet rock anyway. I'll go get one of those long metal scrapers in town later today. It shouldn't take too long. And a few more gallons of paint. It sure is sucking it up! And thank goodness I'm not keeping that floor!

And here's Miss Broody Butt. She has been setting on eggs for over a month now, and I take them all from her, trying to discourage her. But she's a very persistent little hen. So I put some eggs under her and marked them with an X so I can take out the newer eggs. We'll see what happens. I only have these black hens and roo, so they'll be a true breed. I always got like 90% roosters so don't really like them to set on eggs. And the egg production always goes down too.

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