Monday, May 19, 2014

Weaned! But NOT happy about it.

My 3 bottle lambs are weaned!! I started giving them less and less milk every day. Then just stopped a few days ago. It's SO nice to m=not have to bottle feed 3 huge lambs anymore! It was not fun at all. It was ok with just 2 of them. But 3 is a pain. And Cara is the biggest, but 5 days younger. She'd knock the nipple off the bottle and get milk all over more times than I can count. So they are done! They're eating grain, hay and grass, so they'll be fine now. A little over 2 1/2 months. I still have my little goat baby I'm bottle feeding, but she's ok.

And this is my little tiny flock of sheep. One of the little black rams isn't in this pic. I'll have only 12 after my friend comes to get his 2 lambs this weekend. And the shearer will be here Sunday to shear the ewes. IF the weather is good. It's been raining every weekend so far. But I am not complaining. We need the rain. These pastures should take off now, if it warms up. And with so few sheep, it should grow better.

See my 3 girls at the fence? They are so sweet.

Those 2 big lambs in front are leaving this weekend. My friend Ron already has Bilbo, the black Hobbit ram, at his farm up the road.

I just have the 2 ram lambs that are from Amarillo's quads. I'll castrate them in the next few weeks. They're not very big boys. They'll be 3 months in a few weeks. They are so cute. And will have some nice wool.

I am going to clean out the little house-barn today. I need to make it into a studio for my wool and sewing. There's a kitchen I can use for making jelly and salve. I'll probably take this computer over there and the tv too. So I think I have a lot of work ahead for me. I sure need more room. It's about 500 sq ft. Big living area. And a bathroom. So I can spread out and not have to put stuff away or move it from place to place, like I do here in the house.

I hope you all have a great week!


Betty Ann said...

Ok. I have no knowledge of sheep. I am commenting just so you know I am reading. But I have no comment on sheep. p)

Sure like the goats though!

Kris said...

You're so funny! I love sheep. Most of the time.