Monday, May 19, 2014

A fiber studio-shop. Right here at Outback Farm!

This is the little house next door. This is where we had to love til the bigger house was gutted and remodeled. We had to put a roof on this house. Plus fix the ceiling that had caved in. We lived here from July til just before Christmas. It's 500 sq ft. The whole right side is living room. The left is kitchen and bathroom. Then the best part is the front porch. It needs to be painted outside and in. I want to paint it a light green. And do something about under the porch. I can't put flowers or bushes around the porch because sometimes the sheep are in this yard.

I've used it as a barn the past few years, to store hay bales. It would hold about 180 bales in here. I also used it for raising chicks and turkeys in a big brooder. You can see it to the left. I had to take it apart to get it out the door. But, with 2 sides off, it will make a great work table.

                                                                It's a mess for sure!

                                                    I just got most of the mess off the floor.

So now, the plan for this house. I have thought about using it for a vacation home. Or for a couple who could help out on the farm and stay here for free. Or as a real barn.

But, if you look in our house, you'd see a sewing machine on the dining room table. Along with sewing stuff in the window seat and table. And side cabinets.

Also felting stuff in totes in corners.

Plus lots of totes of raw wool. And washed wool. And lots of bins of yarn and yarn paraphernalia, like crochet hooks and knitting needles. And unfinished projects here and there.

All this stuff is taking over our house! And it's not a big house at all. I need someplace to put all this stuff. And we have an extra house. So why not make it into a studio-shop for fiber and art and sewing, like quilts and stuff? Why not? Why have I not done this sooner? Huh?

Well, money is a huge factor for sure. There just never seems to be enough of it. For one thing, these animals cost a lot to keep! I make a little money and have to spend it on them.And when I do have extra money, there always seems to be something  that needs fixed. So it never gets done. It just sits there, looking so lonely and forgotten. And it has the coolest front porch, in the shade of the cedar trees, with a porch swing!

I sold 18 sheep last week. I have some money now that I WILL use to get this project going. And this will get the husband up off that recliner in front of that tv! He can help paint and make shelves and work tables. Yes he can! And he will too. This is what he needs right now. His ankles are completely healed. Just has one little tiny almost healed up diabetic ulcer on his right foot. Which is almost healed. So there is no reason for the man to be sitting around all day, right? Right!

I am just a little excited about this project. We are getting more and more traffic out here because of Mt. Cove Farm 5 miles south of us. There is a restaurant. A huge barn for events and weddings. There are motorcycles and bike riders all weekend, up and down the roads. We are also starting a farmer's market on Sunday afternoon down there. So I think a little fiber studio will be a good thing here. With yarns and wool and things like that from local people. And nice comfy chairs to sit and knit. Or make quilts. And there's a kitchen for making pots of tea. I think it's a great idea. What do y'all think?


Sandra Morris said...

Sounds like a great idea. I would love a place like that :)
Doesn't take long for wool to take over the house!!

Kris said...

I know! It's getting bad. And Sunday, I'll have 5 sheep sheared, so more wool to find a place for. Not a bad dilemma though, right? But this will make it a lot better for all concerned. I am excited about this!

An At Home Daughter said...

Looks like a good undertaking. There is a lady on the next road over from us that has a fiber studio. She seems to do really well. She has a regularly scheduled day for free spin/ knit/ crochet get together. You know, the put on a pot of tea and they will come type get together. She raises Jacobs Sheep. I took spinning lessons from her. She runs a sheep, wool, spinning, looming? :-/ business. O yah, and she even sells horn buttons. I've learned a little bit about how many things can be tax deducted. Like traveling to fiber sales/ shows, and livestock shows in other states, and the electricity used for your business. I never used to understand how these people that raise livestock could afford to travel all over to all these shows! Use it to the fullest.
When we used to raise puppies, my parents tax person told them they could deduct the one room in our house, since it was used for the animals.
Just something to think about.


Kris said...

I know I need to check on all the rules and regulations for a business. It would be better to go that way I guess.

And definitely I want to have people sit and knit or whatever. That's why I want nice comfy chairs.

Tombstone Livestock said...

Hanging flower baskets the sheep can't reach, lol, or cute little picket fence to keep the sheep out, have fun with you project. BTW seeds are in the mail.

Kris said...

I got the seeds today! Thank you so much! I'll send you some of my soap. I am so excited to have stinging nettle seeds!

Kris said...

And good idea about the hanging baskets and little picket fence. I was just thinking about a little fence for some flowers.

Betty Ann said...

I think there are two things I adore about this post:
1) Tiny is healed and healthy

2) Your excitement about the prospect of renovating this wonderful little house into a workshop.

I can't wait to follow the progress!!

Kris said...

Thanks for both 1 and 2! Now to just get that ulcer healed and him over there helping me! I can't wait to get started now and get moved in.