Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getting started...

I cleaned out the little house this morning. I just threw everything away. It's been in there for too long and was nasty stuff. There are mice  and long legged spider things all over. There's even a skunk that has been living underneath the house all winter. When we first bought this place, there was a ground hog family that lived there. Lots if wildlife. So they all have to go now.

This is all I can get on this truck for this trip. It's loaded. I still have the couch and fridge. I'll take the fridge to Chatt. to sell. We got $30 for the old freezer we took a few months ago. It takes that much gas to get there in this truck though! Not really worth it. But I can put that money toward another fridge.

The porch is a mess right now. The stuff on the left side I'm keeping. Needs to be cleaned real good. But it can all be used over here. I'll paint the porch and put a railing up. And something to hide under the porch.

Still not sure what color to paint the outside of the house and porch. The roof is tan. I have always loved green. So I thought a nice light mossy green. I'm going to have real screen doors over here too. There's a back door that needs some work. And all the windows need screens fixed. It's pretty cool here with all the cedar trees around the house. And I'll get a ceiling fan for the porch and inside. I also have a small window AC I'll put in the kitchen window.

This is facing the kitchen. To the left is the bathroom. And that wall here has washer-dryer hookups. I hope to get some for this house. And a wall to cover them up with sliding doors. To the left is the front door, then a small closet. The small door is a little pantry. I can store all my soap making things in there. That's what I want to use the kitchen for. I can put wire shelves in the there for curing soaps too. And also I'll make jams and jelly for market. And cheese for us!

This is the big room. The front door is to the right here. This whole big wall will be shelves for yarns and roving. And then I'll have some cute comfy chairs and lamps for knitting. I want a big sewing table-work space in the middle of the room too.

This is the back wall with the back door. It faces the goat's pasture-yard and barn. I'd love to have a small window on this wall. But not any time soon. This will be shelves and cubbies for yarn and fabric here to.

So tonight, I went over and swept all the crap off the floors and spackled all the holes on all the walls. I'll leave the flooring down til I paint the ceiling and walls. Then I'll just paint the floors. I'll have rugs all around too. I might just paint big stripes or squares. Who knows.

I feel like I've gotten some things done over there. I feel motivated and ready to do this! It feels good to have a goal and plans to work toward now. Can't wait to see more progress.


Tombstone Livestock said...

You are off to a good start. I painted lino floor with Weatherbeater Porch paint. Have fun can't wait to see your progress.

Betty Ann said...

What a sweet space!! It will be so nice when you get it done that you could rent it out for $950 a month!

But I know you would rather have your studio.

Kris said...

Well, I have thought about using this house for farm help. But yeah, I think I need this for a studio-shop. Sounds like lots more fun, right?

I'm going to be taking up all this nasty linoleum and painting the big room floor. It's got good plywood under it. And the kitchen and bathroom will be tiled with the stick on tiles I can do myself. Or even I can afford to do those 2 small rooms with the Congoleum tiles that I love so much.

Kristin said...

Looks like a great space and farm help sounds like a good idea to me. I'm teaching one of my boys to milk. I need to get the other on board too. Then I can drink "caprine-chinos" while they are doing all the work.