Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just one more...

 I joined a beginner knitting group in Feb. The project was a prayer shawl. I got some Lion Brand Homespun yarn for the project. 3 skeins.  Glad I did, because it really hides all the mistakes of a beginner. And believe me, there are many!

I started this shawl with my friend Libby in mind. She was just getting over brain surgery and battling cancer. But she passed away in early March.

So this shawl was going to be for Mrs. T. The little lady I help take care of. She's 96, going to be 97 in July, but swears she's going to be 100. You just cannot argue with her. Even though it says the year plain as day on her DL. So, when I go to her house for the day on Fridays, I take things like this to do. She asked what I was making not long ago, and I told her it was a nice shawl for her, to keep her warm. She was so thrilled. She keeps saying I'm knitting it for her with love. And I am. She gets cold easy even in summer, so doesn't like the AC on too much. So we all are burning up most of the time. This will keep her warm, and all of us cool!

I added a crocheted scalloped edge for the border. Just looks better to me to have it all evened up.

And I found some pretty wooden buttons to add to the front, to help it to stay on her shoulders. I'll give it to her next week and take pictures. She's a beautiful white-haired Southern lady. I love her. I think we will all be happy now!

I need to knit a few more now. One for my mother. And one for me. And probably one for my husband. We have still not turned the AC on yet.


Betty Ann said...

Oh my! Your hands are never idle. When do you sleep? I love the color of the wool in your shawl and the touch of wooden buttons. Have fun picking paint colors for your fiber studio!

An At Home Daughter said...

Very pretty.
I just cannot get knitting. I got the knit and pearl, and frustrated. To easy to drop stitches, and hard on my hands. So I just went back to crocheting. But I like the look of knit stuff better.

SweetLand Farm said...

Looks good. Gotta start somewhere! I love to knit! Keep it up!

Iris said...

I've seen the finished product, and it's absolutely gorgeous! And, yes, a lot of love went into it.