Sunday, May 4, 2014

Practice pictures from new camera...

This past weekend was the Springamajig at the main St. Farmer's Market in downtown Chattanooga. I got to bring my 3 bottle lambs. They were a huge hit with everyone, young and old. After awhile, I started letting a few kids at a time inside the little cage with the lambs. They got plenty of clover and loving from all of them. But poor girls were just worn slap out after a few hours and ready to go back to our peaceful farm.

I brought the camera with me to Mrs. T's Friday. Sat in her tv room with her, snapping photos of her. I got several really good pics of her hands. I love her hands. For 96, nearly 100, that woman has nice hands. She used to make the most beautiful pottery with those hands. And painted as well.

Some pics of Mrs. T's yard and sun room/ Just playing with the new camera.

Yesterday, my friend Julie and her grand daughter, came to shear some sheeps. This is Darla, the first to get sheared. She was SO happy to have all that heavy hot wool taken off. She was so good. Then we got Adele up on the stand and only got half her back sheared. Her wool was so think and full of lanolin, the machine kept clogging up. So we had to stop with her halfway sheared.


Last night, I went out back and took night time pics. Got some really good ones here.

Then awhile ago, went outside with the goats.  This is Aslan on the rock, with her sister Jewel and I think that's Woody. You can really see Sandy's ribs here.

So finally got the camera installed in the computer, so I can get pictures on my blog and my FB page. I think I like this camera, but really would rather have a small, not so intricate, confusing camera, just to take quick shots and be able to carry it in my pocket. But so far, it's a good camera. I would love to find a class some time to learn more. I learn more by doing, rather than reading.

Hope y'all are having a great Sunday! It's beautiful here. Making some feta cheese with goat's milk! I'm going to once a day feedings with the lambs, so now have extra milk to drink and make cheese. And for a few customers!

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Sandra Morris said...

Great pictures.
Bottle lambs are always a big hit with children :)