Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Much bette. Market. Bees.

Ada is much better already! After a few days away from those kids of here, her teat is getting smaller. I'm using my plantain salve on it and it's amazing! I love that stuff.

So now, I have so much milk, milking 6 goats. I made some feta Sunday that should be ready Friday. I'll cut it up and put it in jelly jars with olive oil and herbs to sell at the farmer's market Sat. IF I get to go. There's a lady coming from Atlanta to shear sheep sometime this weekend. We are hoping it's Sat. because Sunday, aside from it being Mother's Day and all, is alpaca shearing day at My Little Darlings Alpaca Farm. Susan, who I got my 2 alpacas from, is coming to get them Sat. evening to take to her farm for Sunday shearing. She has about 30 at her place and there are other people bringing their alpacas there too. So it's an all day thing. So I hope this sheep shearing lady comes on Sat.

Went to the market today. It was HOT! I had collards, kale, dandelion greens and flowers, radishes, mint and red and green mustard frills. Sold a lot but still brought home collards and some kale. Called a friend on the way home and she bought some stuff.

I'll work some in the garden tomorrow. I need to replant beans, squash, zucchini and corn. Plus cucumbers, okra and some butternut squash. I have 3 16' cattle panels that I'll use for the butternut squash and cucumbers. I want to make arches and let them climb up them. I might put a chair under it.

I've been working on a few bee gardens. I've gotten lots of blue and purple flowers and herbs for them. I'll go tomorrow and get some blue salvia. I'm going to Knoxville Monday to get my 2 packages of bees! He called and said I could come get them today, but I have market on Wed. Then he said these bees would be too old by Monday, so he'd have to get me more. That sounded kind of strange to me. I hope I get some good bees. And I hope it's not too late. My friend, who is getting Russian bees from him, has to wait til the end of May for hers. Something about the queen. So I need to get the hives set up where I want them and make sure everything is ready for them. Kind of nervous.

Off to bed. It's been a LONG day.

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Betty Ann said...

So happy Ada is better!! Lotsa milk spells Cheese, glorious cheese!! Good luck with your bees.