Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bees, goats and garden

 It's been really cold and wet here the past few weeks. Not how it usually is around here. We have winter, then we have summer. Just like that. It just doesn't happen like this a lot.

I got these 2 nucs last Monday. Put them in their new hives on Tuesday. I can see that on cold wet days, they pretty much stay inside. But when the sun comes out, so do the bees.

The Outback hive, in the goat yard, is doing great. Very active. I have not taken the lid off this one to look inside yet. I didn't want to disturb all the work that's been going on in there. I know the queen is big and working. I will have to though, this afternoon. I hope to add another box on this one.

This is all my company when I go check on the hive. Sp many goats! And 6 or 7 are not in this pic. I have 6 does and 9 kids. They've stayed away from the hive though. I'll keep 4 of the doe kids and sell the 3 bucks and both of Zarah's doe kids and her. I'll put the 4 doe kids in with the sheep when they're ready to wean. My friend Ron came last night and got his 2 ewe lambs! So now I really am at 12 sheep. The shearer is coming this Sunday to shear. I'll know which ewes I'll be keeping then, when I find out who's wool is better. So there still may be some moving around yet.

This is the Garden hive. I do lift the lid on this one most every day, to check to see if there are still bees in it. They are still here. Just not as active as the other hive. This is the hive that has the young queen that had no brood in the frames yet. They're really nice and easy to work with so far. I have to shake this lid to get them all off so I can put it back on. So far so good!

I can see that the bees are really working on wax and propolis, sticking the frames together. They haven't even been in the outer frames at all. A bee friend said to go ahead and give them sugar water, which I did. I'm going in this afternoon, to see what the queen's been up to. It's too cold this morning.

I've started, a little at a time, to stake the tomato plants. With all the rain, they have just taken off. I'm also trying to get everything mulched too. (It sure makes things look so much better and helps keep them cool and wet.)  My 2 very least favorite jobs in the garden. Well, #1 least would be weeding. Which there are a whole lot of out there. But it'll all get done eventually.

I am off to spend the day with my favorite person. My mother. I need to look for linoleum for the studio. And paint too. Big job, that little house. But will be worth it in the end. I can see it all done and ready to work in. Can hardly wait now!


Betty Ann said...

Your garden looks wonderful! My sisters ( I have two) have each done painted floors instead of the expense of new flooring. Sister #1 paints concrete floors found under carpets on slab construction. Sister #2 paints plywood subfloors on crawlspace construction. Either way, be sure to seal with several coats of polyurethane. Use water based urethane over latex paints. Get creative and save mega $$$$!!! You can paint on any rugs you like! Have fun!!

Kris said...

Thanks! I am thinking a pattern of some sort. That'll be the last thing I do before moving stuff in. I can hardly wait now! I cleaned a lot yesterday. Need to get the old fridge out. I need another one. And there's a couch, chair, book shelf full of kids books, and my old wooden storage table to get moved out. Then I can start painting the ceiling and walls. SO much work!