Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zarah Belle and her clones

Went out this morning to feed the animals and milk a few goats. Zarah wasn't there, so I figured she had already had kids or was getting ready. And sure enough, there she was in the back corner of the barn, laying down and pushing. I went ahead and put her in the back stall. Did all the chores. Came back out with some feed and warm molasses water and a few towels.

I had to pull that big John Henry Jr. out. Zarah was screaming like a banshee. Why are bucks so big? And of course he had to be first out. So got him out and cleaned off Zarah went over to the other side and looked back, like she was thinking, what the heck just happened here? I kept waiting for more to come out, but she just stood there. I got the buck cleaned and put him over there with her. She started licking him then. I figured that might stimulate the labor again. And then she laid down, I saw another water bag, and plop, out came another kid. And it's a girl!!! Looks just like her grand mother, Abby.

Then I saw another water bubble. But nothing happened. So I got her up and it it broke. Got the kids to the milk bar and the girl latched on. It took awhile for the boy. I had to leave.

So we have a John Henry clone and an Abby clone. Just stinkin' adorable! I'll put an album on my Outback Farm FB page. So if ya want to see some adorable goatie cuteness, come on over there. I'm the one with the sign on the header, in Chickamauga, Ga.


Tombstone Livestock said...

Congrats, too cute.

Kris said...

Thanks! They are adorable. And now that they are all dried up, they are totally different than this morning. The buck looks just like Iris Josie, Abby's doe from last year, down to the little white stripe on the belly. So I named him Ira Joe. And the little doeling looks more like Zarah now with the white on top of the black. SO cute!