Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More milk

I didn't put the kids up the night before last. I didn't feel too well. But I did last night. This is Penelope's milk this morning. Some of Abby's is in the bottles. I added some of P's milk to them to feed the boys.

The family that wants Ursula is going to go ahead and get her probably tomorrow. I am probably going to keep Phoebe. I'll be getting Trudy's buck kid when he is weaned. So I will use him to breed any Boer cross does next year. I think this is what I'll be doing. Not totally sure about it though. I have hopes of selling goat meat soon. There are several people interested in it. So we shall see. I read that if a buck and doe with elf ears are bred together, they will have kids with ears. I really want to see if this happens, since both Phoebe and this little buckling have elf ears. Also, Phoebe is polled, so I want to see if she's carry the polled gene in here like Penelope does. So a little experimenting going to go on here at Outback Farm soon.

I am ready to be back in the milk business. I have had one person from last year calling to see if i'll have milk this year. And there are 4 others too. Plus my daughter wants to start drinking goat milk for her digestion. She was at church last Sunday and the preacher talked about goat milk. Saying he knew someone who had horrible stomach problems, ulcers, I think. He found some raw goat milk and drank that for 3 months stright and went back to his doctor and it was all gone. So she wants to try it herself. I already know it's trua and it works!


Sandra said...

I can't wait until we can milk so I can make yogurt!

We have a while before we kid.

Kris said...

I would love to make a good thick yogurt with goat milk. Do you have a good easy recipe you could share?

Sandra said...

here is a link to the yogurt recipe I use. I add dry milk to make it a little thicker. It isn't as thick as store brought.
I do have a recipe where you add flavored gelatin to make more of a store brought yogurt. Let me know

Linda said...

I am getting a doeling and wether Saturday... it'll be a year or more before I will be in milk again... I so can hardly wait!