Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How does this happen?

I have been wanting to clean out my cabinet that holds all my little storage containers for the longest time. It's been a mess. So how does this happen? Who is taking all the bottoms to all these tops? Where are they? Does someone have a bunch of tops with no bottoms and they come into my house at night and take all the bottoms and leave the tops? I have no idea where all the bottoms are. And I have at least 50 tops to nothing. So what do I do? Save them in hopes that one day they will be brought back to me? Or throw them all away? Then I will have a bunch of bottoms with no tops soon. It just never ends.

So does anyone have a bunch of bottoms that need tops? Would you like me to send these to you?

I am off to clean out the horrible messy stinky regions of the refrigerator now. If I don't come back here soon, I have fallen into the depths of the fridge, never to be seen again. It's been fun!


Tombstone Livestock said...

Ok, you and I suffer from a disease my mother passed on to me, "never throw out something you might need someday" ..... well match up the tops to the bottoms, keep 3 or 4 of each sixe ... throw the rest away. Trust me I will not be painful .... might even feel good .... My fridge needs attention too, hope I don't get lost in there.

Kris said...

Yes, I admit, I do keep everything. Ya just never know, right? But I did just throw all those lids away. I know the bottoms are not just going to show up. So out they go. I am getting better!

Kris said...

Got the fridge cleaned out too! Man, I feel SO much better. I hope you get to yours too. It's amazing how good it looks.