Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outside today

(This is Gracie on the left with her 2, Beatrix on left and Tater Tot in the middle. Then Leelah with her little Blossom.)

I let all the new mommas out with their lambs this morning for some fresh air and a little green grass. It was a bit chaotic for awhile, with lambs running around chasing other ewes, asking them if they are their mommas. Then getting butted away. Then finally it all settled down, with the right lambs staying with the right mommas. All is well again.

So just went back out, to take lamb pics. In my long johns. Still haven't gotten dressed. I did have my Carhart jacket on, thank goodness. Because when you go outside wearing pj's to take lamb pictures, people will come to see. And they did. First was the meter reader. Then as he's trying to back down the driveway, in backs the FedEx truck, to bring me my elderberries. So yeah, if ya want company, wear your pj's outside. And of course no make up. And hay in your hair is an added bonus. At least I did have my bra on.

It's not bad out right now. But the weather people say we can have flurries and cooler temps the next 3 days.

Here's Darla with her 2, #8 and #7. Haven't come up with names for them yet. B names this year. Except for Tater Tot. Just because.

Both Darla and Gracie are doing much better.   And the lambs are just too stinkin' precious!


Kristin said...

LOL! So true.

The one day this year that I didn't feel well and lounged around all day in my pj's with dirty hair and no makeup, our pastor showed up!!! Hubby called 5 min after he left to give me a helpful.

Kris said...

Happens every time. I guess that's why all the older ladies I know said their momma's always told them to get up and get dressed and put on make up, like they were going somewhere or expecting company, even if they weren't. I guess we should listen to our elders!

Betty Ann said...

Kris, My husband and I are laughing out loud at your post. We have all been there and done that!! Happened to me once in a store in Montgomery, AL (90 miles from my home in GA) where I thought surly nobody on God's green knew me nor I them. WRONG!! Bumped into an old acquaintance whom I had not seen in years and would probably never see again. At least I wasn't wearing pj's but it WAS a no makeup bad hair day!!

Kris said...

It never fails!

Triple K Farm said...

Had to laugh when you said "at least you had a bra on". I am the same way!, oh & hay in my hair is my favorite accessory!