Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So this morning I have no goat's milk for my coffee. What to do? I have to have milk in my coffee. My daughter does not like goat milk so gets store bought milk. I know. A gallon of store bought milk (well, that's actually questionable to say milk) in my fridge. So I tried some. And man, is there a big difference. It does not taste good to me at all. It tastes like sugar water, that's about it.

So today, while I am out, I will go to my friends and get some of her cow milk and some home made yogurt. Because I will not be able to use my goat's milk for about another week while I am treating them for all their ailments. Actually, Penelope is fine, but I will treat her along with the rest of them. I just want them all to be healthy. And I know they will be.

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