Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crappy day

This is my arm. Does it look like I just might be a little allergic to sheep? I have 2 of my ewes with cracked hooves. I've been trying to get them trimmed, which means I have to wrap my arms around their necks and try to get the right foot and then get the trimmers and all the other things I need, while trying to hold them still.  Then this happens. Big whelps all along my arms. I wash my hands and arms as soon as I can with soapy water. But this happens every time I have to do anything like this.

I did get some Kopertox from the Co-op after calling the vet just to make sure I was doing all the right things. I still smell like that stuff. And it's supposed to start in raining again. When my friend comes to shear, I am going to do all the trimming of hooves then. It's just really hard to do by myself. I would really love to have a trained Border Collie to help out. (And they are going to lamb in a week or so too.)

Anyway, it's just been one of those crappy days for me. Last night I gave all the kids their CDT shots. Then went out later to put the kids in another stall by their selves for the night. I felt wet on my pants but didn't think anything about it. Just thought it was some urine. But this morning, one of the buck kids has diarrhea. His whole back end is a wet mess, poor thing. I think I must be feeding them too much? The past few days I've been giving them a full baby bottle in the morning and evening. Plus they have been getting some milk from Abby. So tonight I didn't give them a bottle. I just don't know what to do anymore.

And, this morning, I had to get Abby out f the barn to come in to milk her. But she just stood out in the holding area, panting really heavy like a dog. I called the vet. He told me to take her temp. It could be pneumonia. But her temp was only 99.9. Well, he said that was too cold, I needed to get her warmed up. And to give her Red Cell and a shot of B Complex. Did that. Plus she went outside in the sun. And this afternoon, when I got home, she was way up in the back, eating grass, kids hopping all around her. I so wish I could sell these 2 bucks. I just am at a loss as to what to do with Abby. She has a good day, then a bad day. And she looks horrible too. And, I have noticed when she poops, there is a lot of grain in the poop, like she's not digesting it all.

So any advice or suggestions about any of this?


Sandra said...

Sorry you are having a bad day.
Are you allergic to Wool?

Sorry to hear about your goats.

Kris said...

It happens when I have to grab hold of the sheep and hang on to do anything. I need to wear long sleeves. I can wear wool though. Could be something that's on the wool that they've rubbed against.

It just seems to be a lot of sheep and goat problems lately here. But it's not always like this. I think it's the weather, the mud, the cold... Just yuck.

Linda said...

Kris make sure you put on long sleeves next time. Then change as soon as you are done and wash your arns ans then put some cream on for allergies they sell over the counter. Can't remember what they call it. . This will help alot.

Give the little one pepto and just cut back on his milk a little. If you think he has coccidia buy some liquid sulmet and that clears them up the best and pretty darn fast and also works great for bacterial scours.They sell it at the feed stores.

Sounds like abby's system is out of wack. Make sure she eats some dry hay each day and keep her grain the same don't change her amounts keep them consistant. If you think she has phenomia ask your vet about Nuflor its great for that and is used in cattle. It should fix that. Call me if you need me. I am here for you. Hugs.


Linda said...

Sorry I meant to type arms. I can't seem to quit making typing errors typing one handed. Can't wait to get my other hand back. Anyway don't want people to think I am a dufis.


Kris said...

Linda, thanks for going through all that to help me. You are a good friend. And I really count on your help and advice. I'll go get some of the Nuflor and see if I can find the sulmet., just to have on hand. I'll take Abby's temp again and see what it is this morning. It rained all night again so I left the kids with her. I did ask about this on the Hoegger FB site and got A LOT of responses there. Thanks SO much for typing all this with your one good hand. You did good girl! Just think about when you're all better and can milk and make cheese again. Very soon now!