Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On the way to Florida

Well, these 2 little boys are on their way to Florida right now. I had put ads on CL this morning and had a call almost right away about them. These people were on their way back home to Fla. and wanted to swing by here and get them. So they did. And they are gone now. I am so relieved. I'm sorry that sounds bad, but I really do not like bottle feeding kids, especially bucks. And I am only milking poor little Penelope right now and didn't really have a lot of milk, since she still has Phoebe to feed too. And poor Abby. She is just skin and bones. And so old and tired. It was a mistake to breed her, I know that now. So right now, I can concentrate on getting her back in shape.

Also have a lady from Macon interested in Phoebe and possible Zarah's buckling too! She will come Sunday.

And another guy called about getting Zarah's doeling for his daughter when she's weaned. Plus a ewe lamb too. So cool!

I do love baby goats. But I did say I would not be keeping any this year. And it looks like I won't be. I have 2 more does to kid, but that will be in a few months. Well, Sandy could go sooner. But ZeeBoo is probably only a few months now. And the weather will hopefully be so much better then. I will NEVER breed for early kids or lambs again.

So I feel so much better already. You just don't know. Well, probably, since that's what I have been blogging about. So hopefully, my new posts will be a bit brighter!

Also, Gracie and Darla are eating lots of hay today!! And drinking water again. I wormed all the mothers today with Valbazen. I wish I could let the ewes and lambs out but it's just too nasty and going to be raining and snow flurries for the next few days. Zarah is going outside now and eating grass. And ate grain tonight too! So did Abby. And some apples. She loves apples.


Kristin said...

I am glad to hear the goats are selling so easily! I am going to have several to sell too.

It's nice to see that the week is improving (lack of goat milk aside).

Kris said...

I know. I just calle dmy friend to see if she had an extra gallon of cow milk to get me through this and she does!!!And plain yogurt too.

So have yours had kids yet? I haven't seen any. All the blogs I like, are all full of lamb and kid pictures! I love it.

Kristin said...

Not yet! Our first are due March 30. I'm down to a qt of milk a day. Barely enough to feed my family. I'm going to have to give in and call my friend with a cow too.

Kris said...

Yeah, cow milks ok, but it just ain't goat milk. It will be at least another few days before we can drink Penelope's milk, after worming her again. Can't wait to see more kid pics!