Friday, September 28, 2012

Sheep Sex (Graphic picture. Beware little eyes!)

This afternoon when I got home, Leelah was pacing at the fence, by herself. The others were all in the pasture up by the road. So I figured she was in heat. I led her across the driveway to the other little yard where the meat birds are. And the boys in the other pasture. I called the rams and it was going to either be Axel or Alfie, whoever went through the gate first. Alfie went through the gate first. So off he went in search of Leelah. He found her in 10 seconds and went right to work. Good boy! I'll know if he's done the job in 5 months.

She is the first to go. I hope the others follow soon after. Maybe I can put one at a time in that yard as they go in heat. That would be ideal.

While milking Abby and Sandy tonight, I caught John Henry and Zarah too! Zarah is in standing heat. Yay! This will be her first.

So here we go!

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