Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kind of funny

We have a lot of bike riders out here all the time. Like the racing-touring bikers. With sleek helmets, spandex shorts and shirts. Tight butts on little tiny narrow seats. Crazy leg muscles. They are not very friendly either. I mean they hardly ever wave or head nod or even a finger lift. They look straight ahead. They do not move over. We have little 2 lane roads out here that are hilly and lots of curves. And they don't do single file anymore. No. Some kind of law in Ga. and Tn. that says they can have the whole lane now.

So today, I'm out in the garden planting some cabbage and Brussels sprouts and chard. I see these 2 bikers heading back to town. I can always hear them when they ride by talking. Well, I heard the guy say to the other person "Look at the goats". My sheep were all up in the front pasture by the road. I almost fell over. It was so funny!  (I have nothing at all against the bike riders. I like riding down the road behind them for miles waiting for a place to pass. It's not a bad view. Really, I don't mind at all.)

                                               This is how close the sheep were to the road.                                                                                


Kristin said...

rofl. Nice goats! I had to read that one to my husband.

I know exactly what you mean about the bikers. Sometimes they're the ones who need to learn to "Share the Road".

Kris said...

Yes, it's pretty dangerous sometimes. But they don't budge. I'm surprised no one has wrecked.