Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just another day at the spa.

This afternoon, I went to check on the boys. They were snoozing under the shade tree. And getting massages from the nice chickens. And getting there wool all fluffed. I thought this was so funny and so sweet of the chickens. It must have really felt good to the rams. They never batted an eye. Such is life at Outback Farm. And they looked so good after their spa treatment too.


Jason Stoker said...

That is too funny! I had no idea tat they would do that.

Kris said...

Yes, they do. And the chickens help keep parasites down too. They follow goats and sheep and eat the poop and also the worm larva. They are good creatures to have around for sure. And they are good sheep groomers too. They earn their keep around here.