Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Projects. It's that time again!

This time of year makes me want to start crocheting and knitting and thinking about Christmas. But this year I am doing a holiday market the first 2 weekends in December. I am usually a very last minute type person. I can't be that way with this. I have soap to make. My vases and candle holders to make. Rag rugs to make. Dish clothes and wash clothes to make. I have to get busy!!

So today I started finishing this rag rug I had started last year. It's almost done.

Then I started on another rag rug. It's really the easiest thing to make. The most time consuming part is tearing all those strips from the sheets. After that, it's just crocheting using a huge giant crochet hook.

It's almost finished too. I will need to look for some more sheets in colors to match it to make it bigger now. I have some pretty blue sheets in checks and solids and circles I want to make a round rug with. I have a lot of material for that one. Then another in greens. I need to get to a thrift store to look for more.

And I made 2 pretty green wash clothes Friday. Then started this one yesterday. I love making these and can usually make a few an hour. Really simple to do. And they are the best for washing pots and pans with. Don't even need a scrubby anymore.

So is anyone else feeling the urge to get out their crochet hooks or knitting needles? Around here it's way too hot during the summer to touch wool or yarn. The only wool I touch is on the sheep! Til it starts to cool down some. Then I can't put it down.


White Sheep Farm said...

Hi Kris,
Mine have been out for quit some time now. I have 2 pair of socks going, just finished a cowl and will (as soon as I spin the yarn) start a nice warm sweater.
Love the rag rugs! I think I did one a hundred years ago. I hope you do well at the holiday market.

Kristin said...

Y'all have me beat. I have 5 scarves to knit/ crochet. At least I have the home brew for the men folks almost done!

Kris said...

You have been busy, Teri. I would love to learn how to knit socks. I just learned hats last year. I want to learn to make a sweater with my wool from Lucinda. I have a feed sack full of soft brown wool.

Kris said...

That home brew sounds good! What kind? We are getting ready to make apple cider and I would love some hard cider. I have Sandor Katz's book Wild Fermentation. I want the new book now. It's supposed to be even better. He has all kinds of good stuff in them. I love fermented foods and drinks.