Thursday, September 13, 2012

Farm Country

There is corn in North Georgia. There is a huge field across the road from us and they are harvesting the corn today. Big trucks loaded with corn from the big corn combine. It's really interesting to watch that big machine cut through the tall dried corn stalks and then go to the big trucks waiting to be filled. I love living way out here and hearing the big farm machinery. Seems like there is a tractor or some type of machine for everything.

And all around us are hay fields. There is haying going on everywhere right now. We have had a great year for hay. I don't think any animal will go hungry this winter. I have around 180 bales right now and will be getting another truckload in a few weeks. My truck holds at least 40 and sometimes 45-50 depending on who stacks it. You can see a round hay baler here in this picture. This is to the South of my property. You can see Lookout Mt.

Here is the field to the North. And there is Lookout Mt. through the trees in the middle of the picture. I love the smell of hay after it's been cut and it drying. Just don't like loading and stacking it. But the smell is amazing.

I had to cut some privet and honeysuckle for the goaties. They love that stuff. They have eaten every tree and bush in their pasture. It was full of blackberry bushes and those thorn trees. Lots of stuff back there and now there are only some big tall trees. Nothing much but grass back there for them now. So I go and cut them branches for them.

There is a lot going on around me here in farm country. What's going on in your neck of the woods right now?

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