Thursday, September 20, 2012

Border Collie visit

Today a friend came with her 2 Border Collies, Bonnie and Lige, her son. Both of them have never seen sheep before. Lige is 6 moths old. He had been sold to some people who just did not have time for him and he was bored so started eating the siding off the house. Poor puppy. So Beth got him back. The first picture is of Bonnie, Lige's mother. She has only herded a horse. She was a bit afraid of Darla, who was going to protect her friends. Bonnie really had no idea what to do with all these big sheep.

She finally got them to move. So they went out front and around the pasture a few times.

This is both dogs in the field with the rams. The rams were not impressed at all. But the dogs chased them for a few minutes.

Here they are in the yard, playing with a basketball. I was trying to get Lige's herding stance and stare. He looked good, staring at his mother and trying to herd her.

Beautiful dogs. I love Border Collies. But right now with all that's going on, I don't think it's the right time for a dog this age with no training. Bonnie is hopefully bred with a beautiful red and white BC. Her sire was red and white. She was bred the first time to a black and white BC and had all black and white pups. We are hoping for some red pups because I want a red and white puppy. So the end of December the puppies will be ready to go. By then everything will be settled down with the gardens and sheep and goats bred and Holiday Market and Christmas over. I'll have more time to spend with a Border Collie puppy. Can hardly wait!


Laurie said...

Great pictures Kris!How exciting that you may have a new addition! Good luck, hope there's a red and white one in the bunch for ya!

Kris said...

Hey Laurie. Aren't Border Collies beautiful? And I just love to see them working. I just hope that Bonnie's pups have that good herding instinct in them. There is a guy in Alabama who herd trians dogs so he may be in my future too. I'll for sure need help there.

White Sheep Farm said...

Hi Kris,
I would love to have someone come and train my Aussie at my farm ... I just would want to be a part of it all. My Aussie is black and white and most people think that he is a BC.
Not sure that I want another one tho.
Oh, and thanks for the comment the other day, I may just take you up on that offer!
Have a great weekend.

Kris said...

Teri, come on down anytime! These bags of wool are calling to me. They need to be worn again. My friend raises Aussie's. They are great dogs. I just think a BC would be so fun. And I really want a red and white one.

Sandra said...

Nice pictures.
I love Border Collies.
We have three right now.
They are busy dogs but a lot of fun.

Kris said...

They are going to come visit the sheep every week now! They need to see sheep and my sheep need to be herded. So good for everyone. I can't wait to see them again.

Kris said...

Sandra, do your dogs herd? How long have you had them? I would love to see pictures of yours.

davidruthy said...

Hi Kris, Loved the pictures :) ! I wonder what my GracieBelle would do with your sheep! She would probably bark at them - she is my mini aussie. Hope you get your red and white BC - that would be so cool! Hugs, Ruth