Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Shawls and buttons.

My sister and her daughter came up Sunday & spent the night here. We were going through some of our dad's things and I came across an old frame I had developed in my 10th grade photography class. It was of my sister posing for me for a school project. SO long ago.

So I got her to pose for me wearing my shawl. I think she did a fantastic job! And it fits her too.  This just might be a Christmas present.

(You can just see my redbud tree behind Heidi. It's blooming!)

Yesterday, we all went back to that Mexican restaurant for lunch. I have got to stop going there. The food is so rich and there's just too much!

After leaving there, I went to my pottery studio for more much needed practice. I had been wanting to make buttons. So David showed me the roller thingy and I got to rolling the last bit of clay I had left. I had to buy another 50 lb. bag!

One of the girls that comes during the week said I should take this home to work on it there, because it takes so long and I could be doing other things. I had already done some, so I wrapped this clay up on the board and put it in the car. Got these done last night. I can't wait to see them all done. They will be a lot of extra work though. With sanding and smoothing and waxing and all that. But it will be an experience. These will shrink while being fired.

I also worked on 4 little pots I made last week. Then worked on centering the clay and making cylinders.

My husband and I were going to get this wider gate put in for the goat yard but we need some more parts first. So while he's in town, he'll pick them up then we can work on this tomorrow. Where the gate is now is down lower and it's just a mud pit. It never dries out there because of all those huge cedar trees. So I want a gate up higher so the goats can get to the milk room. And I'll be able to get the lawn mower through this gate!

Tonight is actual pottery class. I think we'll be learning how to make lids to fit pots. How fun!

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Abby said...

Mom, I love the pics of Aunt Heidi.