Thursday, March 10, 2016

Astrid and Isla

 Freya is doing SO much better today! She ate some of her feed and hay this morning. She has lots of milk now. Just 100% better than a few days ago. She's outside eating grass. I fixed a bottle yesterday morning and only one of the kids drank a little. So I am very happy and relieved right now!

This was yesterday outside for awhile with mommy.

This is Astrid. I'm still thinking about that name. Not totally sure about it. But it somehow fits her. She has the cutest little elf ears ever.

                                                           This is Isla. She is just adorably cute!

And Astrid again. I love them both. I was so worried about Freya, I almost put them on Craig's List to see if I could sell them. So glad I didn't now.

                                                      Just look at those sweet little ears. So cute!

I love this picture. Looks like the girls are whispering to each other, doesn't it? Wonder what they're saying?

Still waiting on Olga. No signs from her at all yet. I told her today would be great to have kids. I'm home all day. Friday and Sunday gone all day. She'll wait til then I'm sure.

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Betty Ann said...

I was worried about Freya too! So glad to see these lovely pictures of her with her babies.