Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rainy Superdedooper Tuesday.

 Yes, it's a rainy day here in N. Ga. And it's voting day. It's supposed to be 70 here. With strong winds now later this afternoon. Just a gloomy day really.

My brother and mom came out yesterday afternoon to eat and cut down a tree. My husband had gone to take our daughter for an interview, so wasn't here. Don't let this picture fool you. He did not get that tree down!

First my brother took the fence down. We didn't even think about doing that. Then he cut a wedge above where it split. Then started cutting with the chain saw. He cut it all the way through. Nothing happened. It never even moved. So he got a wedge and sledge hammer and went to whacking it. He was thinking it would turn and twist a little, then fall to the right. Well, it did. Right between 2 of the fence posts and just missed the shed! The top had already come off when it fell over or it would have hit the rook. But it was all good.

He went ahead and cut the tree in half so we could get the fence put back up so the sheep could get in there later today.So we will be working on getting the tree cut up for fire wood. My husband's friend, the wood fairy, will probably come help cut it up. He likes doing that. Then we will have a big ole bonfire.

                                               You can see here where the tree landed. Really close.

Do you see that bird bath? Back when it was still frozen, there was ice in it. I was putting sunflower seeds up there for the birds. But the chickens would hop up there sometimes too. One day, I noticed the bowl had fallen off. I didn't think anything about it then. Just thought one of the cats had knocked it off.

Well, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I noticed one of the hens was missing. I assumed a hawk had gotten her, since I never saw any signs of feathers or  bones anywhere. This morning, as we were eating breakfast, my husband asked if I was going to pick up the bird bath any time soon. I just had this horrible thought pop into my head that the chicken was under there. I ran outside and lifted it up and sure enough, there was the hen. With an egg next to her. I cried. I am crying now. It's so sad. And I feel horrible. I never even looked or thought a thing about it. Poor hen.

I have to go vote today and I am still confused about this whole mess.I do not like any of the people running. One of them is the closest to what I believe in, so will probably go with that person. Then I have to go get Mrs,. T. to take her to vote. Her daughter is here too, but doesn't know where to go. So I'll take them.

Then off to the pottery class! I can hardly wait. I love it. But, the studio is in an old school building. And it's the voting precinct for that little town. Ugh. And it's probably going to be raining and nasty. The doors are closed at 6:30 and the class is at 6. Should be fun to find a parking place, right? Well, I hope there is a big turn out and all the parking places filled. They were all filled last week, come to think about it. But there's parking around back.

SO back to spinning this morning, while I have some time. This wool is amazing. Have a great day, y'all!

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