Friday, March 11, 2016

In the garden!

All week, it's been nice and warm and dry! So Thursday was garden day. I started tilling in the morning. It was really windy, so I figured the wind would dry out what was still a little wet. But it was mostly dry ground, except up around the cedar tree.

I had gotten kale, collards and mixed greens seeds from the feed store Wednesday. So I got those all planted. I put some of the composted hay-manure on the top of the seeds.

Then last night about 8 it poured rain for about 20 minutes. Knocked the satellite out it was so hard. I was worried all the little seeds would be washed away. But this morning, all is well!

I also ordered a lot of flower, herbs and veggie seeds from Johnny's yesterday. They'll be here early next week! I plan on planting a lot of flowers this year, for the bees and for cut flowers for market. I sure hope I get in Main St. market this year. The board should be meeting this week to go over applications.

This is the kale, collards and turnip greens patch from fall. Still doing good.

See this dark green patch of grass? This is the alpaca toilet. I let them and the sheep out here sometimes and this is where the alpacas do their business. They have a spot here and a spot out in the South pasture and the North pasture and in the back yard, goat yard and side yard. They are very tidy creatures. Also makes it east to scoop it up!

This is the little maple tree in the front yard, getting ready for the little leaves to come out. The blueberry bushes are in the corner past this tree. Just full of little buds about to burst forth!

This is the big maple tree in the front yard. Just full of goodness!

The honey bees are out and busy! They are coming in full of pollen. I hope I get lots of honey soon. I am almost out already.

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