Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Crazy wild Monday!

What a day!

It started with goat checks every 2 hours through the night. And ended at pottery class.

Sunday night, Olga didn't go to the milk room to eat. So I knew something was up. Checked her and there was a little discharge, but not much. And it was gonna be COLD! So I set my alarm for every 2 hours. Got up and went to check on her. Nothing.

So decided to put her up in the back stall. And sat and waited. And waited some more. Went and got the camera, a chair and some knitting. I knit quite a bit on another Etta hat I started Sunday. Then went inside for awhile.

Came back out and saw this. The classic pushing position! Saw a little more goo. It was almost time for kids!

Some more pushing. Then the up and down, pawing the ground, lay down and push some more.

Then finally this! I don't know about you, but I find this amazing. See those little feet? I had just told Olga I hope she has some kids with color. And I saw the dark feet! Too cool! So this went on a little while longer.

I finally could see enough feet and snout that I helped her pull while she pushed. Out came this beautiful little lady! Isn't she so cute?

Got her all cleaned off and out of the way, because Olga was pushing again! Out came this little fella!

So a buck and a doe kid!! And, when Olga got up, she did it so fast, his umbilical cord just snapped right off at his belly. I didn't know it til I was drying him off and saw bright red blood on the towel. I panicked. Then realized it was coming from his belly. I ran inside and grabbed stuff and came back out with arms loaded. I sprayed him down real good, then wrapped him up around his tummy. I called my friend Linda in Ohio and she told me to just keep an eye on it and he might need antibiotic later.

Anyway, what better way to spend a Monday morning? Sitting in a goat stall, waiting on a doe to kid, knitting with a cup of hot tea? So fun.

Then here is the little guy this morning. All chipper and happy to be here! And no wrapping. It's dry and I'm keeping it sprayed with wound spray. He's such a cutie. Looks just like Olga. I named him Sorren, pronounced Surren.

And here they all are this morning. The little girl is Rika. Olga is a good mother. But these kids are also just nursing on one side. I had to take her to the milk room this morning to milk her. Which is not that easy because she has such small teats. Like only 1 finger can get on them.

They both like to get in the feed bowl.

But so far, Olga is doing great. No symptoms like Freya had. I did not give her molasses water after she had the kids. I do believe that's what makes the goats and sheep sick the next day. So all is well now. Olga is eating and drinking water.

So after I knew everything was ok with Olga and the kids, I went out to till more in the garden to get ready to plant dandelions, radishes, lettuce and more kale. Also I need to get beets and onions. so did that. I had to go get my middle grand daughter about 4 to get her to her 1st cello lesson at 5 over on Brainerd Rd.

But before I left I went out to look at the bee hive. Oh my goodness, there were bees all over the place! I mean like thousands of bees, flying and on the front of the hive. Like craziness. I called my friend up the road and no answer. Went back to the house for a few minutes and when I came back, the bees were all acting normal again. I went ahead and called my bee guy who is the president of the local bee club. He told me what to do, switch the bottom box and put it on top and put the smaller box on bottom. He said it would probably be empty. And that yes, they were probably getting ready to swarm.

So I got my stuff together and went out to swap them around. But, when I got all the boxes apart, the bottom box was FULL of bees and honey and huge white larva! Like huge larva!. So called him back and told him what I saw. He said leave it like it was, but put a queen excluder  on the 2nd box, then another box on that. Well, I added a 4th box, just because. And left, because they were pretty pissed by then!

So went to go get Coryn. Had to go up 24 and it was horrible traffic. It's just a little hill, but people just can't seem to get up. They all slow down. Stupid. Then get to Germantown Rd. which takes me to Brainerd Rd, which I have to get on. Well, traffic is so bad, we are barely moving. I finally got to the left turning lane, about a mile from the light. I started seeing smoke coming from my engine. Scared me to death, I thought my car was on fire! So I turned left into some apartment complex, parked, turned off the car, got out and opened the hood. Didn't see flames or lots of smoke. A guy came over and asked what was wrong. He didn't see anything or smell smoke.

Then I looked between the crack of the hood at the windshield, between the wipers and saw a flippin' cigarette! Someone threw their darn cigarette out their window and it hit just perfect below my windshield where I couldn't see it but just the smoke, and I thought my darn engine was on fire.

After I calmed down and got mad, I found a short cut to Coryn's house. Texted her teacher saying we'd probably be late, and took off. We actually got there 6 minutes early! And I tell ya what, Coryn, who's 14 and never ever touched a cello before, could play a few tunes when we left. She's been in band 3 years playing clarinet, so nows music. But she is a natural born cello player!

So got her back home and headed off to Tiftonia to my pottery studio to trim some bowls and cups for awhile. Didn't take long to get there. I always love going there to the pottery studio. It's so fun. So stayed there til 8:30 and headed home.

Checked on Olga and her kids. Sorren had lost the wrap so I checked him and decided to leave it off. All was well there. Went inside, took a shower, knitted a little while watching Castle, then to bed I went.

Just another crazy wild day for me!


Denny Gross said...

I'm exhausted just reading all that. Glad the babies are doing good, loved the photos.

Linda said...

OMG Kris what a full,crazy,hectic, wonderful day you had. Wow what a day but glad it ended okay. I am glad your little boy is doing well and not needing the belly wrap anymore. Just keep an eye on it and spray it every so often and hopefully it will close up fine.

Those babies are super cute!Love the pictures you do such a good job taking pictures. Love the names you come up with. I need to pick better names for my goats. Thanks for sharing your day!!!