Friday, March 11, 2016


I was gone all day today. I asked my husband to check on the goats during the day when he got up. I'm still waiting on Olga to kid and figured she'd have them the day I'd be gone all day.

But no, she is still fat and sassy. I think that's all she is, fat and sassy. Not pregnant at all. Because absolutely NOTHING happened today while I was gone. Nothing!

But I am glad I went out there to check on the goats. Because Freya's udder was as big as a cow! I am serious. Huge. I immediately thought something has happened to the kids. They were either dead or lost or gone. So I didn't think to look for them, but grabbed Freya and dragged her kicking and screaming, to the milk room so I could milk her real quick. The right side felt like kids had nursed recently, but the left was so bug I hardly get my hand around it. But I did and got her milked out good. Then back to the barn to look for kids.

And there they were, right behind the door, with fat little bellies, all curled up sleeping. I was very happy to see that!

So looks like Freya is 100% now and ready to be milked. The cats and dogs got some good warm milk. We will wait another week for ours.

And I did not get accepted to the Main St. Farmers market. I am very upset about this. I took a year off and I guess I shouldn't have. I guess I will look for another market now. Ya snooze, ya loose.


Kim said...

Great news on the little ones and on momma having plenty of milk. Sorry you did not get in the farmers market.

Betty Ann said...

Gosh I'm sorry about the market. But fat and sassy twin doelings with an udder the size of Rhode Island on the dam are things to rejoice! Only goat people would understand that I think.

Kris said...

Thanks y'all. I will try a few other markets that are a little closer.

I had to milk Freya again this morning and got over a quart. Those kids need to step it up some more! The cats are in milk heaven again!