Sunday, March 6, 2016


 This morning, Freya did not want to leave the barn. She kept calling me. I checked her and she didn't seem to be having any discharge or goo. But she didn't want to leave the barn. So I called the caretaker that stays with Mrs. T Sat. night til I get there at 8:30 and told her what was going on and to see if she could stay for the day.She could stay half the day then my daughter Heather came in for the other half. So I got to stay home and keep an eye on Freya.

(I did have to go to Mrs. T's from 5-7. When I got home, I heard one of my sheep. A very distressed sheep. So ran and got the flashlight. It was Cameron, all wrapped up in that darn electric netting fence I have around the kale in the garden. She hadn't been there too long. But I had to cut the wires to get her out. Always something going on with those sheep! She was fine.)

I did notice her udder had gotten huge though, so I knew it could be any time. And today was just a beautiful day to have kids!

So we hung out in the barn. I cleaned both the stalls. Fluffed up the hay. Got water buckets and hay ready. And waited. And waited. I always said waiting on goats to kid is like waiting for Christmas morning when I was a kid. Like it would never get here.

So I went inside and did some things inside.

Went back out 30 minutes later and   she had 2 kids on the ground, all dried off! I checked them both and they are both girls!!!!! And So cute! Freya is such a good mother.   

This little one is Isla. She has gopher ears. She's about the same color as Freya, a little lighter though.

And the one laying down here is Astrid. She has cute little elf ears like her daddy, Oden.

                                                                        Isla says hello y'all!

I left them alone to bond. When I came back for a check, they were both laid out here in the sun. I had to check Isla, she was laying so flat.

And they are both nursing the same side, so I had to milk out the other side. They are good kids, already full tummies and I've seen both pee and poop.

So, welcome to the farm! The first kids in 3 years I think. So exciting to have little kids here again!

Now waiting on Olga. This is her first time so I really want to be here for her. I'll be here all day Monday and Tuesday til my pottery class at 6. And the whole week will be in the 70's with NO rain!!


Kim said...

Oh how sweet they are. I love having kids around!! Keep the pictures coming....

Betty Ann said...

Two sweet little baby girls!! Can't get better than that!

An At Home Daughter said...

Congratulations! What pretty girls. Didn't you say daddy was polled?

I went out the other morning to find our first pure Shetland lamb of the season. She was born during a storm. Luckily mommy was smart enough to have her in their little shed.