Thursday, March 3, 2016


 I started my pottery class last Tuesday night. It's hard. I mean, seriously, it's hard. I could not get it. The instructor wanted us to start with a cylinder. Right. No way could I make a cylinder. Mine and everyone else, made bowls or plates or whatever. But no cylinder. I just could not make the clay go UP. So the few things I did manage to make, I smashed at the end of class.

We get 1 free studio day during the week to practice. I went Wednesday last week. David was there then. He showed me a few other techniques that actually worked for me. I made these 2 pieces. A bowl to scramble eggs in and what might become a mug. It was fun that day. So these had been drying since last Wed. They were just right to trim yesterday when I went back after this Tuesdays horrible disaster of a class. It was not a good night for me. I almost cried. A lot. Very frustrating for sure. So I went back yesterday to practice some more.

This is the mug I started trimming on. I loved this part. It was fun. I love all the curly clay trimmings. I can save these and let them dry and add water next week to make clay again.

So Tuesday was not a good class for me. I could not get anything to work for me. Nothing I did was any good. I had 7 piles of clay on the plaster board to soak up the moisture so I could reuse the later.

So I went back yesterday to practice. There was another instructor the then. She was very helpful. She sat at a wheel next to me and we worked like that for a long time. She would just slap a square hunk of clay on the wheel, turn it really fast, and within seconds, had a workable mound of clay ready to make something with. So I tried it her way. It worked!

Then she showed me some more good techniques to make the inside. I have got to cut my nails on my right hand now. Fingernails just get in the way in pottery. So they have to go! I used all those 7 chunks of clay plus a few more before the night was over. I made 4 fairly good pieces. Even if they are not perfect, they say to keep some to practice the glazes on. Good idea. So these are drying now and should be ready to trim next week.

Only 4 days in, I have a great appreciation for potters. And I can totally agree with how much they charge for their work. I totally understand. It is a lot of work. It's a lot like spinning wool actually. The speed of the pottery wheel determines how the pot will turn out. Same with spinning wool. The speed of the wheel while spinning determines the twist of the yarn.

So there is SO much to learn. These 3 people who are helping us in this class have a lot of years of pottery between them. And all 3 are so different in their ways of instructing us. I have learned something from each of them. I don't know how far I will go with this, but I am enjoying the learning process. And who knows, I may even get some usable pieces one day.

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Kim said...

I love your pieces and I am so excited to see you willing to step up and learn a new art. Sometimes it just does us good to walk in someone else's shoes.