Friday, March 4, 2016

Goat watch!

Yesterday started goat watch 2016 here at Outback Farm! I counted the days and yesterday was day 145 for Olga with Freya being 5 days behind her. So the 3rd through the 18th is goat watch. Olga's udder has really gotten big the past few weeks! I'll spare y'all pictures of goat rear ends. But that is the most important part of a goat right now. It all happens back there! I have to check for loose ligaments in the tail. Check the vulva for any discharge. Check the udders for fullness. So a lot goes on back there that a person needs to be aware of. It may not be pretty, but it's important right now.

I need to get some towels and a few other things ready and put in a bucket in the barn. Need to have my camera charged up too. My brother is coming tomorrow to help work on the electric fence. I want him to help me get a few lights hooked up in the barn. It would help to have lights in there at night with kids. Flashlights are too annoying to have to hold and do things at the same time. I need 2 hands!

I am thinking they are both carrying twins. I just hope they come out the right way! And that I'll be here when it happens. This is Olga's first time. She's a big girl, but things can go wrong really fast. And these first timers can really be dramatic.

Most all the goats I've ever had here would have kids in the morning or during the day. I have gone out during the night for checks, but nothing ever happened. Maybe 5 or 6 in the morning, but that's the earliest. But these 2 does are new, so ya just never know. And goats are goats. They do whatever they want to do!

So hopefully, in the next few weeks, there will be some cute little goat kids bouncing around back there!


Betty Ann said...

I love baby goats! Kristin's favorite doe delivered twin doelings yesterday. Kidding season is the best. Thinking pink for you. Throw a spool of dental floss in your kidding supplies. K ended up tying off a hemorrhaging umbilical with a piece of straw last year.

Kris said...

Wow, never thought of that. Thanks I will do that. Nothing yet.