Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Making soap and cutting wood.

 Yesterday was pretty hectic here. Freya was not doing well when I went out in the morning to check on them. She was not eating. Had runny poop. I swear this happens every time. The day after they kid or lamb. So I called a few goat friends to see if they had any ideas. It's a pretty long story so I won't go into the whole thing. I'll just say that I will NEVER give a doe or a ewe molasses water again! Ever! I just hope she makes it. I had milked her some Sunday because the kids were just nursing one side. So had 3 little bags in the freezer. I'm giving them a bottle to help out. They are fine. Freya just doesn't have much milk right now with not eating much. She is eating a little hay here and there. Kim brought some alfalfa and she loves it. So I'll be getting more for both goats. And I'd like to sell the kids as soon as possible. But I think Freya will be fine soon.

So my brother Mark came out and we fixed the electric fence. There was a big branch that fell on part of it a few weeks ago. So had to get that all fixed. Then the post at the end had just rotted at the bottom. So put a new post in and got it all back up and running again.

Then we came in and made soap. He's been wanting to learn. We made an easy honey-oatmeal hot process soap. He did good! Quick learner.

That's the soap he made. He did a great job and he was so happy about the whole process. I think he will be making more soap soon.

And while we were fixing fences and making soap, my husband and his friend Kid were cutting up the rest of the tree. Kid went back home and got his wood splitter and withing an hour, they had this pile of split wood! Pretty cool, right?Now all we have to do is take it over to the wood shed and stack it up. I got it all out of the chicken yard so all that's left is the brush to burn.

I will be taking pictures of kids when I can get them outside. It's nice out but still a little chilly.

Still waiting on Olga to kid. Any day now. She does not look like she's going to really. But she is so lonely,  poor girl. That's the bad part of having just 2 goats. I was hoping they'd have kids about the same time.

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