Thursday, October 1, 2015

Why do I need a buck?

Oh my goodness, the buck is back. He's been back 2 days already. I asked my husband when I got home yesterday if he'd checked on the goats or saw them at all. He said you mean that goat in the back yard that sounds like he's going to die any minute now? Yes, that goat.

He's been here since Tuesday morning and it's been awful. I mean, really. How loud and obnoxious can a buck be? He has not shut up the whole time.

The girls have not paid a bit of attention to him at all either. Which makes him get louder and more obnoxious. It's crazy. And it's been raining and he just stays in the corner, yelling at the girls. It's really pitiful.

I put Olga in with him this morning. She was not having that at all. And she let him know she was not staying in there with him. That lasted about 5 minutes. I felt sorry for the poor boy. She was not nice to him.

So yeah, it's breeding season. I know I have to have a buck in order to have milk. But really? He's disgusting, this guy.


Betty Ann said...

Oooh. Stinky buck. Kristin's boys are downright crusty. But her girls are smiling.

Kim said...

You got me laughing! Poor guy, to not have any friends who want to "play".