Monday, October 5, 2015


When I first met my husband, I didn't know how to cook anything but spaghetti. His mother taught me how to cook. And I had never eaten turnip greens or fried okra or pinto beans. Or even biscuits and gravy. I had a lot to learn when I married this man!

I did have the best mother in law ever. She taught me so much. And she was a really good cook. Nothing fancy ever came out of her kitchen. She had a small kitchen too. But she could feed an army. And sometimes did. On very little.

We'd go up to her house in Ozone, Tn. a lot when our kids were little. She'd make a little bed out of a drawer when they were babies. And she'd fix a big breakfast. Always biscuits and gravy, bacon, fried potatoes, eggs. And a few of her other kids would come eat. And their kids. Always a big breakfast. then when we were all finished with breakfast, we'd clear the table, wash the dishes, and get ready for dinner.

Always a big pot of pinto beans would go in a pressure cooker first. Then we'd peel lots of potatoes. Then fry chicken in a big electric cooker. Boil the potatoes. Make cornbread. And we almost always had turnip greens. She made THE BEST turnip greens ever.

She'd wash them real good. Then put them in a big pressure cooker for a little while. Then with the bacon grease in a cast iron skillet, she'd rinse off the greens and put them in the skillet. She's cut them up, add more grease and salt, then cook them to death. I always asked for greens when we came up to visit. I always try to make them like her, but they are missing something. They're good, just not as good as hers. And we'd also have green beans too. And most everything she cooked, she grew or raised herself. Oh, and always, big ripe red juicy tomatoes too! The best dinners ever.

So tonight, we are having turnip greens with some dandelion greens thrown in, field peas with rice of course, and fried okra, all but the rice I grew here. And corn bread too. Gotta have cornbread with greens, right? I am so hungry right now, just thinking about this dinner.

What's for dinner at your house tonight?


Betty Ann said...

Oh Yum!!!

Abby said...

I remember those days at Grandma's house. Thanks for bringing back those memories.