Monday, October 19, 2015

Headin' home...

 This is going back to the house. This barn is a the bottom of the biggest hill after Mt. Cove Farm. I have always loved this barn. I've never seen any animals near it though.

                                                         Some more barns along the way.

This is on the Cross Farm. Used to be a dairy farm. The little dairy barn is in front of the red barn. I like this cattle crossing sign.

           This is the old house where Water For Elephants was filmed. Such a beautiful old house.

Can you see the cow with the huge horns laying down near the trees? Either Zeeboo or Watusi. There is another cow but different, past my house. So one is a Watusi and the other a Zeeboo. Both beautiful animals. I just can't see how they walk around with those huge horns. Looks like they'd be so heavy.

                                      This is the Cedar Grove Methodist church. It's really old.

                                                                    I just love this sign!

                                                   Farmers do have a sense of humor!

This is our new community center. It's supposed to be done by Christmas. They have a lot to do if that's right.

This is the old house next to us. It's for sale. 26 acres for just $139,500.00. Really cheap. Considering land out here goes for over &10,000 an acre. This is just a little over $5,000. an acre. With a creek and woods and pasture. Wish we could get it. The house will probably have to be torn down, which breaks my heart. I love this house. It's actually my dream house. It's been here over a hundred years. They built houses to last back then. It's just been abandoned for over 50 years or so. So really not much hope for it. My friend who comes to milk for me when I  need to get away, is trying to buy it along with her brother. I so hope they can get it. I want good neighbors and they would be really good to have here.

And this reminds me of the Bible verse that talks about God owning the cattle on a thousand hills. I think of it every time I see cows on hills. So pretty. It also reminds me of how big God really is. And how amazing.

So that's the tour of my bike trip. I sure need to go back every day.


Kim said...

It seems to me that the bike trip not only exercised your leg muscles but fed your spirit as well. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Betty Ann said...

Thank you. If I lived close to you I would ask to ride bikes with you every day!! I will have to be content with a vicarious adventure. Hasn't the weather been just perfect? Finally getting most of the fall garden in down here. The eggplants and butterbeans finally gave out. Only a few pepper plants still producing from the summer garden.

Abby said...

That church sign is very clever