Saturday, October 24, 2015

This Old House. And barn.

 Yesterday, I got a call from the caretaker at Cloudland Station. It's about 12 miles North of me on 193. A beautiful gated community where the homes are built like they were from a hundred years ago. I don't think they use power tools. They were having an open house this weekend. The reason he called was he heard I sold honey. I told him I had bees but don't sell the honey yet. We got to talking about other things which led to goats and goat milk soap and he asked me if I'd like to come set up at the open house? Well yes please, I'd love to! He said there was no vendor fee. Another yes! And the location is amazing! Another yes. And it's from 12-6. BIG YES! ( I love spur of the moment things like this. No time to think about it. Just do it.)

So that gave me plenty of time to get home from Mrs. T's. I had to stay til 6. Got home, wrapped the rest of my soap. Got everything packed up and ready to go. Got it all loaded up this morning with plenty of time to get there and set up. And I made a LOT of money! So I am going back tomorrow. My daughters are going to take care of my booth til I can get there about 3:30.

It was so much fun! Met lots of great people. So many from out of town. Lots of people have built homes there and come up for weekends or vacations.

The vendors were in the old 1800's barn. They bought this barn from somewhere in Pennsylvania and had it taken apart and brought here. They have weddings and other things in the barn. There was a wedding here last night. It's beautiful.

My booth is right at the door to the right. I have a really good spot. People came in through this door and a back door, right past me both ways. The smell of the soaps lured them in!

                                                This is inside, looking up. I love these lights.    

                                   From upstairs. There were several other vendors in here too.

      Not sure what this used to be, but now it's the bridal house. I love it. It's a little back behind and to the side of the barn, which is to the left here. There were bands playing during the open house.

And this house. Oh my goodness. It's so cute! This Old House, from the PBS show, came and built this house. I want to live in this house. I love every little thing about it. And the doors are all bright green! Loved it. But it was already sold. I wonder for how much?

I had such a good time today. Can't wait to go back. I sold a lot of soap. And lotion bars. And I sold a hat! My first hat I ever sold. It was from a pattern I got from Taproot magazine. I have to make more now. I also sold a lot of my salves too. So fun! I love good shows like this.

I hope you all are having a good weekend!


Kim said...

Congrats on the great show and now to make some more of everything. You got to keep the inventory up you know, never know when more of that spur of the moment stuff will come your way.

Kris said...

Yes, I will be making more soap this week for sure. I sold a lot more today! It sure was fun. Not as many people today as yesterday, but still fun. I went through the house again. Slower this time.