Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Circle of sheep.

This morning, I had to go with my mom for her eye appointment. Then we ate lunch at the Acropolis restaurant over by the mall. I have lived here for 37 years and have never been there. It was SO good! I had a corn chowder first. Then leg of lamb with roasted red potatoes and spinach with feta cheese. It was good! I ate it all. Mom had grouper, roasted squash and rice and a chicken gumbo soup. We will be going there again for sure.

Then we went to the mall. I really hate the mall. But I am looking for some clothes for winter. Like warm clothes. Well, I couldn't find anything I liked. Of course, my mom finds all kinds of nice clothes for her. She's only like a size 4 so it's easy for her to find nice clothes. I will keep looking.

Took mom home, then went the back roads home. It's getting to where I really hate driving. Especially in Ft. Oglethorpe. It's awful. And people are crazy. Most people there think they are the only ones on the road. So I went back roads home.

I was going to Lafayette to the co-op for elastrator bands so I can get Inga's horns banded. I went down Straight Gut Rd. I saw a sign at this really pretty house with an amazing yard and gardens. The sign said eggs for sale. And I need eggs! So I turned around and went back. This nice older man was in his flower garden planting mums. He had eggs! I bought 3 dozen. Then I said something about his nice patch of turnip greens in the garden. He told me to go pick a mess. I did.  Then his wife came out and asked him if he'd told me they have sweet potatoes for sale. So I bought about 20 pounds of good looking sweet potatoes for $5. They were the nicest people. Roy and Sue. Roy even invited me to their church. I love people like this! Makes me happy to know there are good people in this world.

I went to the co-op and got the sheep and alpacas a mineral block. That's what they are all over in these pictures. They love this stuff. It's 25 lbs. and won't last long. Less than a week.

Got all the animals fed and moved the goats back to the back pasture with the little girls. I wasn't going to put the does in with the buck this morning, but I saw Freja jumping on Olga. So I put them both in the back yard with Oden. He jumped right on Olga. She was in standing heat! I think he got her! So I'll try again in 21 days. But I think it might have worked. I was getting worried that Olga might not get bred because she's so flighty. But she just wasn't in heat yet.

We got the wood stove working and fired up yesterday! My husband tried to get a fire going Saturday evening but it wouldn't draw the smoke up the chimney. The house was full of smoke. So we had to turn the electric money pit on. I could hardly sleep listening to it come on all night long. He tried again Sunday. He cleaned out the wood stove real good. But it still wouldn't draw. So yesterday, we took it all apart. Took the pipe outside and got the chimney brush and cleaned them real good. They were full of soot and creosote. So was the chimney. Got it all cleaned up and back together and built a fire. And it works just fine now! It was toasty warm last night. So we are ready for winter and all the cold now. Well, not really. I am not liking winter anymore at all. It's just too cold.

Anyway, tomorrow, we go back to the wound care center. My husband's foot is looking great! Almost all healed! We are hoping he won't have to go back anymore after tomorrow. And we hope the doctor will get him fitted for new shoes.  And I will be checking his feet every night from now on.

Oh, when I got home, my husband heard on the news that a bike rider was hit and killed about 6 miles from us. Probably one of the bike people that ride out here all the time. So sad. Also very scary. The roads out here are very hilly and curvy. I am really surprised it hasn't happened before. So I don't know if I want to ride my bike on the main road again.

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Kim said...

I bet there were a lot of sore tongues in that circle before it was all said and done!