Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mrs. T.

 This is Mrs. T. I am just one of her many caretakers. She's 98 and says she feels it every day. She's a sweet lady. Her kids send her flowers about once a month. My friend Faith owns the flower shop shop now. She did this arrangement herself, just for Mrs. T. She really did a beautiful job on this one.

                                                                       This is the back.

                                                                      And the front.

Just beautiful all the way around. And it smells amazing too.


Betty Ann said...

Mrs. T is a beautiful lady. My Mother is just 10 months away from her 100th birthday next August and she looks so much like Mrs. T that they could be sisters. Flowers are lovely too!

Kris said...

That's amazing! There are so many people 100 and older now. Mrs. T thinks she's 102. She reminds me of Maxine on the Hallmark cards.