Saturday, October 17, 2015

I finally did it!!!

 Today is beautiful. So I decided to ride my bike to Mt. Cove, 5 miles from my house. My husband helped me get a basket wired to the front of the bike, so I could bring my camera.

So off I went. Isn't it beautiful?

This is looking back at the Cross Farm. I love that red barn. I've gotten hay here before. It used to be a huge dairy. They sold all their dairy cows and went to raising beef cows.

This is the old Underwood Farm. My friend Susie was raised out here, along with her 4 sisters.

Some of the cows along the way. They all said hello.

And this horse. He came up to the fence when I stopped. I got to pet him. I love horses and they smell amazing!

This is a road that goes way back halfway up the mountain, to a friend's farm. She has Finn sheep too.

Ok, this was a mountain to me. I had to walk up.

At Mt. Cove Farm! This is the barn, where they have events. Like weddings or craft shows. We also have the wild game dinner in February here now.

This is also where the Walker Co. Fair is held now. This is a plane runway, where they put all the rides and games. Pigeon Mt. is in the background here.

This was at the entrance to the big barn on the hill. A wedding today!

This is at the little general store out there. Also a bathroom out back of the pavilion! I needed that.

I saw so many of these little fluffy woolly caterpillars along the way.

On the way back now. This is a fork in the road, at the top of another big hill I had to walk up. To the left is Hog Jowl Rd. I will go that way some day. It makes a big circle back to my house. This is also the way the bike riders went for the Ironman race a few weeks ago.

This was painted on the road right beside Hog Jowl. I thought it was pretty cool.

And another hill I had to walk up. They sure could have done a better job at grading this road when they made it. I just have a Townie bike, not a mountain bike. Plus, the wind was blowing like a flippin' tornado. And right at me too. That just made it all that much harder to get up these hills.

I took lots more pictures. I'll post more later.

I hope you all got to get out today and enjoy it. So many things going on around here this weekend. But I just felt like I needed to get on the bike and ride. So glad I did too. Now off to Mrs. T's for a few hours.


Daryl Gilley said...

Beautiful. Always like reading your blog and seeing the pics.

Kris said...

Thank you Daryl. That means a lot to me to know that.

Kim said...

I also love enjoying the outdoors this time of the year, it is like our last chance to get out and about.

Betty Ann said...

Yay! More pictures! Congratulations on the long ride. You sure live in God's country. Gorgeous.

Betty Ann said...

Yay! More pictures! Congratulations on the long ride. You sure live in God's country. Gorgeous.