Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Goat escapes.

Yesterday afternoon, Freja was VERY loud out back of the studio. She went on for a good 10 minutes before I looked to see what was wrong. She's a very noisy goat, that one. She is about 1/4 Nubian. And she got the loud mouth! She's a bit of a tattle tale, actually. She lets me know things that the others are doing.

So I went out there to see what she was trying to tell me. She was all by herself. I couldn't see the others anywhere. So we walked over to the fence, where the littles usually go through. Still didn't see them. Then they came running when they heard me. Freja went through the big wide opening. Then they all got busy on all that wonderful stuff out there.

That's Oden, the buck, laying down in his yard.

This is Freja and Oden. They are fine like this when they aren't in the same yard together. Like this morning. I put Freja in with Oden. She sort of acted like she was in heat. For a few minutes. Oden was all over her. But then she just would not shut up. I don't know what I'm going to do with these 2 does.

This is what the 2 little girls have been doing the past few months. They go right through the electric fence. They have really been doing a great job. Olga and Freja never have gone out there.

Til this happened a few days ago. The pallet fell down. And see that huge gaping hole there between the chain link fence and electric fence? It's huge! So the other 3 went out yesterday. But not Freja. I think she was afraid to pass through the electric. She's been bit a few times too many I guess. But I went through, then she did. Then they all took off too far. But that's fine.

So I have started drying Freja up today. I also gave her some Cydectin. She was acting a little droopy and not eating much.Then I really need to get this breeding going soon. I might have to take the 2 littles up the road for awhile so I can put Oden out there with the big girls. It's so much to think about.

I also took my 2 wethers to the butcher this morning. I hate this part of having farm animals. Especially lambs. This was Click and Clack, The Tappit Brothers. O will miss them. Now I am down to just 10 sheep, 2 alpacas and 5 goats. Plus the 11 chickens. And 5 cats and 2 dogs. And a hive  of honey bees.

Life is always changing on a farm.

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Betty Ann said...

Goats are so funny. Watching their antics is like backyard TV. Especially now during rut season. I remember your stories about Click and Clack. Very hard, but it is part of farming. Farming is ALL hard, but some parts of it are harder than others. I grew up in suburbia and came to farming late in life when my daughter married a farmer's son. From your children you'll be taught, I guess. I have learned a lot. And one thing I learned is how to fry okra and cook greens!!