Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I bought a Brother sewing machine last year. Didn't take it out of the box til a few months ago. It's got a lot of different stitches and other fancy things on it. But not too fancy. Or computerized. I have sewn before, on a little basic sewing machine. But it quit working years ago. So I did most things by hand. I like making quilts by hand. But have used a machine to sew the squares together. I always have quilted them by hand though.

So when I got this machine, I thought I would learn to make clothes for myself and the grands. But I had to learn first. I asked several people to teach me. But people are so busy these days. And sewing lessons are expensive in the stores.

I finally Had a friend call and said she could help me!. She came a few weeks ago to learn the sewing machine first. She loves this machine. She sews her grand kids clothes and makes doll clothes too.  We got the machine all threaded up and practiced on it. Then later I made a few little pouches, just for practice.

I decided to wait on clothes for myself til I lose much more weight. So I got a cute little dress pattern for Kansas. She loves dresses and I figured it would be easier to start with a simple dress.

Got the material all washed and ironed. Got my work table and sewing table all cleaned and ready to go.

I love this work table. It was my old brooder box for chicks and turkey babies. I painted it the color of the walls and use it now for everything. I have an old metal stool I painted purple to use with it. Then my sewing table is behind it. Lots of space to work with here now.

Jenny came over yesterday and we got started. Cut out the pattern pieces for this dress. She showed me how to save lots of material. That was a good thing to know. So when I want to make another quilt, I'll have lots more fabric to use.

I learned how to gather. That was fun. We got the straps sewn onto the front and back panels. She had to leave, so she'll come back Friday to finish it. We just have to sew the elastic in the back and sew the sides together and hem it. It's a size 12 with the size 14 length. Kansas is not here to measure her so will have to hem it when she comes back.

I am so excited to finally be sewing! But for any of you who do sew a lot, how do you get your fabric? I was at Joann's the other day and it is SO overwhelming, just looking at all the fabric in that store. Walmart only has a few rows, so lots easier to make a choice, although I hate Walmart. And Hobby Lobby would be better I think. But I see people's sewing rooms on line and am amazed at all the fabrics they have, all lined up and folded and in color order. It's so expensive! Do you order fabrics on-line? Where is a good place to get it? I see on Amanda Soule's blog, one of her sponsors is Alewives. Their fabrics is beautiful. But I bet it's pricey too. Do you just go to fabric stores every day to catch good sales? I know lots of people have the phones where they can pull up coupons and specials. I don't.

I will get a picture of Kansas in the dress to show it off. It's so cute and summery.


Denny144 said...

My only choices are Jo-Ann and Walmart and I usually go with Jo-Ann. They always have a sale and/or coupons in the paper or print from online. It's the cost of the thread, buttons and zippers that kill me. I remember getting thread for 25 cents a spool, that's how long I've been sewing. You learn to stock up. Somewhere, I've seen a sign that says "She who dies with the most fabric wins".

An At Home Daughter said...

I don't sew, other than a few craft projects. Have always wanted to learn, but just one of those things that gets put off. I have found fabric at thrift stores for pretty cheap. There always seems to be a pretty good sized stash at all the thrift stores.

Kris said...

I have found fabric at thrift stores too. I'll have to look closer now that I'm sewing. I started with the very easiest pattern. But it has basting and gathering and elastic. I think a basic shirt will be easy too.

I love Jo-Ann but there is SO much to choose from. I get nervous. I need to just go by myself and spend time learning where everything is and what it all is. Walmart only has 2 shelves of fabric.