Monday, March 16, 2015

Around the farm today.

This is the most beautiful day! Nearly 80. I was sitting on my studio porch, spinning some Romney wool, and it sounds like spring. I was trying to think of how winter sounds. Rain drops. Squishy mud. Sheep bawling. Not too much noise. But spring sounds like new life! Birds chirping and hopping around, looking for fat juice worms. Looking for the best nests. Flying all over the place. Bees buzzing, gathering all the pollen off the trees. Sheep munching grass and hay. Slurping water. Wool growing like crazy! Chickens singing the egg laying song. Or Black Bart, calling the girls to come get some bugs. Spring just sounds different.

So I started walking around the yard, seeing all the new life popping up around me.

This little red maple I planted like 5 years ago. It has pretty red leaf buds. It's a really slow growing tree, compared to just silver maples. But I love them in the Fall.

This is my biggest of 2 Red Bud trees. I do believe we will have the pretty purple flowers this year on this tree! This is my favorite tree.

The day lillies are popping up all over. This bed needs some work and clean up.

And we have 3 really old apple trees in the yard where my studio is. And the sheep are in this yard a lot. And they seem to like apple tree bark. I really need to get some kind of wound spray before we lose them. This is the old Yates apple tree. My favorite apple. There is a really old variety that my mother-in-law called an early June transparent apple. It's really good cooked with the peel on. That's about all they're good for. But we love them and were so happy to find out that's what this tree is.

Here are some apple blossoms starts on the old Granny Smith apple tree!! The bees will be all over these trees when they are in bloom! We also have 6 more younger apple trees and 3 pears down in the lower garden. They are all looking good too.

And this poor ole Clematis vine. It just keeps on growing, despite the fact my husband's weed whacked it down way too many times to count. And the sheep and goats have eaten it to the ground a few times too. But it's a persistent vine and keeps coming back every year. It's beautiful when it's in bloom.

Sp lots of new life all around these days. I love spring. But it just doesn't seem to stick around very long any more. We might get a few good weeks of nice weather where we can open all the windows. But them BOOM, it's 100 degrees and the AC comes on.

I am down 10 pounds since Sunday. I won't weigh again til Saturday. I am doing way better than I thought I would. I am eating real food now. I feel SO much better. Not all crappy like I did before after I'd eat. I hope I can keep this up.

I did 6 more dreads this morning for a total of 14 so far. They really look bad and probably will for awhile, til they get to where they are supposed to be. And they are underneath so I can hide them if I don't feel like showing them to the world yet.

So y'all have a great week! I hope it's like this where you are.

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An At Home Daughter said...

I want to see your dreads!